Miss You List

I MISS YOU: More than Lady Gaga misses people knowing her first name, More than Britney missed her hair after shaving it, More than Urkel misses TGIF, More than your mom misses Oprah's advice, More than vegans miss bacon, More than Jimmy Fallon missed his chance with Nicole Kidman, More than Kanye misses his money, More than SNL misses Tina Fey, More than Tyra Banks misses telling fierce models to smize, More than the Bachelor misses the camera after the final rose, More than Apple misses Steve Jobs, More than Charlie Sheen misses people thinking he's sane, More than Ashlee Simpson misses lip synching, More than Taylor Swift misses her cats when she's on tour, More than Van Gogh missed his ear, More than Mr. T misses pitying the fool, More than Pawnee misses Li'l Sebastian, More than Fabio misses being on romance novel covers, More than The Office missed Steve Carell, More than Leonardo DiCaprio misses the polar ice caps.

Inside Message: Blank

Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.25"

Designed by Paper Bandit Press in Provo, Utah.

Your card beautifully written by human hands and dropped in the mail for you.
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